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Triple protection implies safety on the physical, spiritual & emotional levels.


Causes of threat to human wellbeing:

Here are some possible causes of agony in human life:

  • Evil eye
  • Weak aura
  • Black magic
  • Wrong Vastu
  • Poor health
  • Negative surrounding
  • No connection with spirituality
  • Unbalanced north-north-east zone

Triple Protection Bracelet

    • Overall, the triple protection bracelet is a secret to an ideal life!
    • Its main motive is to make life happier & peaceful by healing each aspect of life.
    • It blocks vulnerability and makes your aura stronger so that no external forces could penetrate it.
    • The wearer of this mysterious bracelet remains safe from diseases, obstacles, threats, and failures.
    • This protective bracelet promotes physical health, spiritual awakening, and psychological wellbeing. Such a bracelet is quite beneficial for occultists.
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