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Tiger eye stone is named after the real eye of a tiger – to which it resembles. The beauty of this stone grabs the attention of everyone. However, this beautiful looking bracelet contains such properties/benefits which may leave you amazed. For aeons, the Tiger eye had been especially used as an amulet to protect from the evil eye. Alongside, it provides a ton of healing, psychological and cosmic advantages which crown it as a divine bracelet indeed!

Tiger Eye Bracelet

  • The benefits of wearing a Tiger Eye Bracelet are countless; yet, some assured benefits experienced by people are shared below:

    • It exalts the planet, Ketu.
    • It is an amulet that protects you from all evils.
    • It attracts money and improves your financial status.
    • It makes luck work for you in whatever you endeavour.
    • It boosts your confidence level.
    • It makes you action-oriented and wards off the lethargy.
    • It makes you talented, creative & skilled.
    • It gets success in spiritual pursuits.
    • It gets you stability in body, mind and life.
    • It makes you courageous enough.
    • It gets you mental clarity & decisiveness.
    • It eliminates the negativity out of life and frees up space for positivity.
    • It gets you success – above all – satisfaction through the gained success.
    • It supports the healing system and especially treats bone problems.
    • It helps you to achieve the targets and ensures success!
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