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This is a Thirteen Mukhi Nepal Rudraksha bracelet made with Indonesian 5 Mukhi Rudraksha beads. The bracelet is made of very high-quality elastic along with the best quality Rudraksha beads to be worn on either wrist for Improves marketing skills and convincing power. Good for finance. Enhances aura and gives charisma and attraction. Good for diabetes and sexual disorders.

Thirteen Mukhi Bracelet

  • The thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha is related to your materialistic, worldly goals. It is most beneficial for people who frequently squander opportunities in life. This bead makes me powerful and alert. Also, it directs you in making wise selections and life choices. The Mystics and Siddhas use this Rudraksha to activate their Kundalini energy, which is a lesser-known fact about this bead. It is ruled by Venus, which is known as the planet of pleasures, richness, and wealth in Vedic astrology. A Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha bead is available to everyone looking for these rewards.

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