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The Savar Rudraksha is one in every of the foremost auspicious beads. This Rudraksha bead holds the twin energies of the 2 naturally joined beads and also the one mukhi Rudraksha bead which feels like the trunk. One unique noticeable feature about the Savar Rudraksha bead is that the 2 joint Rudraksha beads during a Savar are available in various mukhis but the trunk shaped Rudraksha that naturally appears above the 2 beads is usually a 1 mukhi. This mystic Rudraksha offers overall success and material bliss. It also removes hurdles and paves way for private and professional growth. According to ancient texts, the Savar Rudraksha offers courage to face challenging situations and also offers a physiological state. This auspicious Savar Nag bead promotes high self-esteem and helps in enhancing the personality of the wearer while offering good spiritual growth, physical health & mental state

Savar Rudraksha

  • Venus

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