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The Saraswati Bandh is ideal for children in the age group from 6 to 18 years. The combination includes two beads of 4 Mukhi and one bead of 6 Mukhi which is said to improve memory, focus, and concentration. The combination has been found to be useful in improving learning ability. It is believed to enhance insight, creativity, and expressiveness. It enhances artistic abilities and helps in the retention of information. The Saraswati Bandh Pendant is energized and blessed and is strung in red thread.

Saraswati Bandh

  • Two beads of four mukhi (Brahma) and one bead of six mukhi (Kartikeya) makes a Saraswati combination. It is useful for children to get concentration in studies, enhancement of memory and for good expression skills in writing or oral presentation. This three-bead combination has helped thousands of students to make a bright career. If a child is seven years or lower in age, then he/she can be given only one bead of four mukhi. For those above this age, the full three-bead combination can be used.

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