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This is a 5 Mukhi Nepal Rudraksha bead bracelet made with Indonesian 5 Mukhi Rudraksha beads and Red Agate. The bracelet is made of very high-quality elastic along with the best quality Rudraksha and Red Agate stoneto be worn on either wrist for circulatory system and potentially help with blood-related disorders such as anemia and hypertension. Plus, it may provide a boost to the lymphatic system, strengthening the immune system and aiding in natural detoxification.

Red Agate Rudraksha Bracelet

  • Red Agate is a translucent microcrystalline form of Quartz, belonging to the Chalcedon group of minerals, with a deep red hue and sporadic inclusions similar to Red Jasper, but its unique feature is its ability to create beautiful reflections and shadows due to its translucent finish.

    Chalcedonies are known for their vitreous sheen and luster, and Red Agate is no exception. However, it’s important to note that some Red Agates in the market are enhanced or treated to make them look more vivid. Despite all that, Red Agate has a compelling meaning and is valued throughout history.

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